Write compares contrasts essay

The second way of structuring the body is called the block method. Here the idea is to discuss each opposing side in its entirety before looking at the other. There are no direct comparisons made as with the alternating pattern, however the points may be arranged in such a manner that the reader can clearly see how the comparisons were carried out. Another way of showing the comparisons is to make direct reference to the first item's analysis within the second item's argument. You can illustrate a similarity by pointing out 'Just as with item A, item B also ...'. A disagreement could be shown by 'Unlike item A that ....'.

  The Sonnet . A fixed form consisting of 14 lines of five-foot iambic pentameter having a rhyme scheme.   In the English (or Shakespearean sonnet), the 14 lines are grouped in three quatrains (with six alternating rhymes) followed by a detached rhymed couplet which is usually epigrammatic. (Go back to Table )   In the Italian (or Petrarchan sonnet), the 14 lines are divided into an octave of two rhyme-sounds arranged abba abba and a sestet of two additional rhyme sounds which may be variously arranged. The octave presents a situation and the sestet a comment, or the octave an idea and the sestet an example, or the octave a question and the sestet an answer.

      Robert Frost wrote many sonnets, however most of them could be called irregular, not exactly following the rules of either form. Frost followed the rules and broke the rules. He demonstrated technical skill and freedom of his material. His sonnets include Into My Own, A Dream Pang, The Vantage Point, Acceptance, Once by the Pacific, Meeting and Passing, Putting in the Seed, The Oven Bird, Range-Finding, Acquainted with the Night, A Soldier, The Investment, The Birthplace, The Master Speed. (( Table )   Blank Verse. Unrhymed iambic pentameter. Frost wrote quite a bit of blank verse, which is not the same as free verse (tennis with the net down). Blank verse is metrical (Review Meter ). Using Birches as an example, we can see how structured it is:
- ! - ! - ! - ! - ! When I / see birch / es bend / to left / and right (5 feet, or 5 accents all iambic) - ! - ! - ! - ! - ! A - gainst / the lines / of straight- / er dark- / er trees (ditto) - ! - ! - ! - ! - ! I like / to think / some boy's / been swing - / ing them (ditto) - ! - ! - ! - ! - ! But swing - / ing does- / n't bend / them down / to stay (ditto) Generally Frost lays in his first lines in the meter and form he wants to follow. His variations on that style keep the reader guessing and off guard. By combining tone with meter, the poem becomes easy and conversational. But regardless how tight his poetics are, Frost's intention is to "trip you into the boundless." ( Table )

This is a common question for those who know "most high voltage electrical cables have no insulation.". The answer is simple. High voltage electricity can kill if it passes trough your body. When birds sit on the power cable, the electrical current cannot pass trough their body because no part of their body is touching the ground or any other wire. With the same token, someone wearing thick rubber shoes may touch a 110 volt electrical cable with one hand and stay safe; however, the same person may get electrocuted if he is touching a moist concrete wall or a water pipe with his other hand. For very high voltages such as 6000 volts, no insulation can protect us and we must stay at least 5 feet away from such high voltage cables. (That is why such cables don't have any insulation on them).

Write compares contrasts essay

write compares contrasts essay


write compares contrasts essaywrite compares contrasts essaywrite compares contrasts essaywrite compares contrasts essay