Why is homework helpful to students

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I completely disagree that homework is absolutely necessary in the elementary years. My stepdaughter (who we had custody of) attended public school and the “10 min per grade level” rule what a joke. Perhaps that’s what the teacher’s thought they were assigning but it NEVER EVER took that little time. By high school my stepdaughter would arrive at school at 6am for dance team practice, get home at 4:30pm. Start homework by 4:45pm, take a dinner break for 30 min around 7pm and then continue with homework until between 11 and Midnight EVERY NIGHT. 6 months of the year the dance team took EVERY Sat. from 7am-8pm. The school system held our family hostage. She could have had a fulltime job and put in less time. It was ridiculous. She is now 25 and finds working full time easier and less exhausting than school was. That combined with our move to Arizona (where the schools are TERRIBLE) solidified our decision to homeschool our now 6 & 8 year old sons.

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Why is homework helpful to students

why is homework helpful to students


why is homework helpful to studentswhy is homework helpful to studentswhy is homework helpful to studentswhy is homework helpful to students