Things to help depression

Negative thinking. People with depression get stuck in negative thinking. This can make people focus on problems and faults. It can make things seem bleaker than they really are. Negative thinking can make a person believe things will never get better, that problems are too big to solve, that nothing can fix the situation, or that nothing matters. 

Negative thinking can be self-critical, too. People may believe they are worthless and unlovable — even though that's not true. That can lead people with depression to think about harming themselves or about ending their own life. Negative thinking can block our ability to see solutions or realize that a problem is actually temporary.

I was 49 years old before I found out I was bipolar. It seems everyone around me knew something was wrong but me. I’ve often wondered what my purpose here on earth was and I’ve experimented with many ideas only to never follow through on any of them. I’ve learned to enjoy writing lately about my past in particular . I wonder if some of the crazy experiences and stories that I have an actually interest readers. I haven’t written in the book for two weeks because I keep saying squirrels in the trees or a new YouTube video popped up on my feed. I love this blog because I think this is going to be the key to some actual productivity in my life and I wonder if I’ll ever be able to help others in my position .

Things to help depression

things to help depression


things to help depressionthings to help depressionthings to help depressionthings to help depression