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Why I am a Teacher:
I became a teacher because I have a passion for mathematics and I want my students to experience math like they have never experienced math before!  How do we do this?   We do it together! We ask questions and realize solutions through real world applications.  We discover the beauty of story problems…yes…story problems!  Mathematics is not a spectator sport!!  We roll up our sleeves and we get down to work…hard work…with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when a problem is completed.  We learn together; we learn from each other; we learn from our achievements as well as our mistakes.  And, we do all this in a faith-based environment…giving it our all for the Glory of God.

BERLINER: Well, I think we all agree - Tim and I, and everyone else in the country agrees - that if you have a problem at third grade with a kid, the predictions are pretty dire. So we know we need to do something. The question is what do you do? And are you willing to invest in those kids the money you need? The commitment is made when you leave a kid back to invest roughly $10,000 in that kid. There has to be better ways to do it, given everything we know about the effects of leaving a child back, both the personal effects, the social-emotional. And frankly, the data is pretty overwhelming that they don't do better in the long run, and they drop out at five times the rate of kids who are not left back, according to the National Center for Statistics.

We’re not talking about free access to a bunch crappy movies you’ve never heard of. In addition to the Criterion Collection, you’ll find indie hits like 2 Days in Paris , classic masterpieces like Day of the Dead , and award-winning documentaries like I Am Not Your Negro . The New York Public Library deal does have some limitations, though. You can only stream 10 movies a month with a NYPL card and just six if you have a BPL card. It’s unclear if Brooklynites can double up and use both library cards to watch 16 movies a month. On the bright side, you can stream movies from Kanopy to any device.

Tempe library homework help

tempe library homework help


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