Social problem in pakistan essay

For Hobbes, the necessity of an absolute authority, in the form of a Sovereign, followed from the utter brutality of the State of Nature. The State of Nature was completely intolerable, and so rational men would be willing to submit themselves even to absolute authority in order to escape it. For John Locke , 1632-1704, the State of Nature is a very different type of place, and so his argument concerning the social contract and the nature of men's relationship to authority are consequently quite different. While Locke uses Hobbes’ methodological device of the State of Nature, as do virtually all social contract theorists, he uses it to a quite different end. Locke’s arguments for the social contract, and for the right of citizens to revolt against their king were enormously influential on the democratic revolutions that followed, especially on Thomas Jefferson, and the founders of the United States.

The Swedes say that they have a high level of immigrant integration into the society, which you can vividly see in the city center: social advertising with immigrants, the government is trying to make people loyal to them. It seems that they are right. But, there are still 2-3 districts in Stockholm, where even the police is afraid to go. Most of the population there are immigrants living in their communes getting social benefits, enjoying life and as an enterntainment, throwing bricks to the police cars. Such immigration problems in Sweden are felt more and more.

Social problem in pakistan essay

social problem in pakistan essay


social problem in pakistan essaysocial problem in pakistan essaysocial problem in pakistan essaysocial problem in pakistan essay