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MOST OF THE PARENTS WHO DO WIN ARE THOSE FEW WHO REPRESENT THEMSELVES ! [This is simply untrue. If you take Ian Josephs advice about refusing to co-operate and viewing social workers as ‘scum’ then you are almost guaranteed to lose your case as you will be seen as unreasonable and probably with mental health difficulties]

IF YOU DON’T SPEAK IN PERSON YOU NEARLY ALWAYS LOSE [Not true, or certainly not true in my experience]
[I have deleted what follows as I think it is extremely bad and dangerous advice to vulnerable people. Mr Josephs can peddle this nonsense on his own site, it is not welcome here]

Businesses will also benefit greatly from the new rules. The reform will boost legal certainty for businesses, with a single set of rules across the EU. Thanks to the one-stop-shop, companies will only have to deal with one single supervisory authority – rather than the 28. This, together with the simplifications brought by a single Regulation, will save an estimated € billion every year. With the new rules, non-EU companies will have to apply, when offering their services to customers in the EU, the same rules as EU companies; thus creating a level playing field. The new rules are also future-proof: technologically neutral and fit for innovation and big data analytics. The new rules encourage privacy-friendly techniques such as pseudonimysation, anonymisation, encryption and data protection by design and by default.

Creating fake calls in INDIA by using services that are offered over internet has been drastically increased. Now a days we need to get awareness about the mobile number we are receiving. So spamming is obliviously a friend of internet. So spam call can be created easily in internet. I am not going to list fake call service providers list here, I will tell you how to trace mobile number in INDIA with exact location, name and address. Tracking a received mobile number might or may not be his/her and its against service providers TOS. Because many online sites over internet are giving paid call service where you can call to anyone with any mobile number you wish. So it’s up to you to whether to believe the given traced mobile number is genuine or not. As per my experience I got genuine mobile number owner name and location details.

Proof reding

proof reding


proof redingproof redingproof redingproof reding