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To all the aspirants who have added me or sent me messages, I am trying to get back to you as fast as I can, but before that I just wish to say that I feel very very blessed that you all think that I can be of help. I will try to answer all the queries I receive from your end so please feel free to message me with any questions you have. I don’t think I am some kind of an expert, but I will respond to the best of my knowledge and understanding. Do give me some time to respond, though. I also wanted to just say that if some of you feel that adding me is somehow going to be extra beneficial, then I don’t think it will. To my understanding, the only thing that will help you is your sincere effort and your faith in yourself. So please study hard and don’t listen to anyone else on how you should study. Choose what works best for you. I shall be unable to add you as I don’t think that will be of any special help to you. I am always available through messages so you can always send me your problems there. Please do not feel offended or singled out if I am unable to accept your requests. I truly cherish that you felt I was someone worth adding, but I sincerely believe I can be there for you just as much without that. I hope you do understand my dilemma. Best of luck to all of you and I hope to see you all as fellow officers, serving the nation sometime soon! And again, truly blessed to have all your wishes sent my way.

The post has garnered a lot of support and comments by people who share a similar view. “Really shameful…but this is what Indian media is all about…they forget that whoever has reached that position has done so on their individual merit and if IAS IPS were interested in exposing themselves they would have selected modelling and not this reputed profession..woman’s beauty is her intellect notface value,” reads a comment.
This is not the first time Joseph’s name has come up with respect to gender issues. In 2015, a picture of her’s showing a junior officer holding an umbrella for her went viral, for which she was criticised on social media. Then again, she became a topic of social media controversy when she asked the Ernakulam MLA to take a photograph of herself with actor Nivin Pauly, which she later posted on Facebook. Joseph’s supporters say that both incidents were blown out of proportion just because she is a woman.
Whether the speculation holds any merit or not is difficult to say, but the IPS officer’s critique on media seems to have definitely touched a chord with people.

This list of past Essay Topics above will help you understand what are the areas to study, the topics asked are and how to go about preparations. It is recommended that you read newspaper and listen to news so that you're well tuned with current affairs.

Essay as a precursor to PI:

The essay you wrote in the first half of the personal assessment round can generate some questions in the interview round. The panel could ask you questions about the essay and you have to defend it. Questions on the topic can also be asked, which means you will need to know a lot about the topic. If you don’t know something, simply admit it.

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Ibsat essays

ibsat essays


ibsat essaysibsat essays